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C# Method returns type void, but I need the return type string[]

I want to return a list of strings called “subscriptions” from a method in my class like this:
//I call this from another class
public string[] GetSubscriptions()
return this.subscriptions;

However, I’m getting the error “Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index”
This is what I have for my subscriptions class:
public string[] subscriptions;

public string[] GetSubscriptions()
string[] subscriptions = new string[3];
subscriptions[0] = this.Subscriptions[0];
subscriptions[1] = this.Subscriptions[1];
subscriptions[2] = this.Subscriptions[2];
return subscriptions;

Does anyone know why I’m getting this error?


You have declared public string[] subscriptions;; which is incorrect. You should create an instance of subscriptions (as a public static string[] subscriptions = new string[3];) instead.

Does anyone know why I’m getting this error?

Well the very first thing you posted was public string[] subscriptions; not public string[] subscriptions = new string[3]; – that’s the error.
The syntax is incorrect, as it should be public static string[] subscriptions = new string[3];, you also should remove the brackets from the field definition (see EDIT#2).


Value returned from function stored in variable

I am a complete newbie to Javascript. I have created a function that is called by another function but I am getting an error. What have I done wrong?
I have declared the variable and the function in the Main (parent) js.
var foo = new function() {
this.a = 42;

Then I call the function from another js by:
var fn = new foo();

The error I am getting is


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