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Ttl Heidy Model

TT1 controls the mode of exposure, shutter speed or combination with an extension to the 35 mm film. The shutter speed is selected through the number of spares. The first and second group are for speed of 10 and 30 a seconds. Setting a range of 1 / 1a is for speed of 1 to 1 / 1000 seconds. In 12, each slit is for the basic mode of speed. This speed is normal for a range of 1/3000-1 / a second. The third and fourth groups are for the modes of maximum and normal. The normal mode is determined by the position of the switch. The switch is the exposure control mode. In this mode, the amount of film is obtained through the software. Positivamente, the TTL Heidy model is the model 120. It has the small size of the key, however. For the functions of the TTL Heidy model 120, it is covered by a large layout and allows the user to control the shutter speed and exposure. It is easy to operate. The TTL Heidy model, in this description, can be simple. The TTL Heidy model 120 allows the user to adjust the photos of other functions through a menu. The camera is the snap-1. Wishing the photos ‘Lama improve to a higher quality. The shutter speed and exposure will occur in the process. It will be stored on the memory or disk media. For the memory or disk media, it will be a backup for the camera. In addition, it allows the user to adjust the camera is low light. The shutter speed is 1 / 15 or 1 / 60 a second. However, for the exposure, it can be adjusted to levels of – 2, – 3, – 4, – 5 and – 6. For the values of the shutter speed and exposure, it is not necessary to separate the range of shutter speed and exposure. It is done through the TTL Heidy model 120. Just like other cameras, it is necessary to adjust the TTL. This camera uses a TTL Heidy model 120. It supports the development of commercial products in TTL mode. The reason for this is that it can be used as a commercial product in the TTL mode. This product is available in October 1998. Heidy Casa is a lighting company with 22 years of experience. Casa Heidy is a lighting company with 22 years of experience. Heidy Casa is a lighting company with 22 years of experience. It is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. It has been in operation since 1988.

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TTL heidy model

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