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But hurry: you can register only through midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, September 12! If the links below don’t work for you, click here.

The Game of Souls

The Game of Souls is a collection of short stories, ghost stories, and myths about the eternal conflict between good and evil, life and death, Heaven and Hell.

This edition features a brand new story by the author and illustrated by Emma Deas.


The Game of Souls includes these tales:

• The best-selling author and artist, Emma Deas, provides a new illustrated story, Welcome Home

• Original stories by an all-star lineup: Nelson Devereaux, Mark Chadbourn, Sharon Kaye, Mike Lee, Jeffrey Ford, Mike Flanagan, Michael Cisco, Kori Brown, and others

• The latest book in the acclaimed series The Game of Thrones

• “Publishers Weekly” calls it an “imaginative tale.”

• Michael J. Sullivan, author of The Darkest Summer

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Supreme Commander-HATRED Crack Only License Key
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