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Apply Scala macros to a sequence of objects

Let’s say I have a sequence of objects like so:
object A {
def unapply(x: A): Option[(String, Int)] = // something

object B {
def unapply(x: B): Option[(String, Int)] = // something else

object C {
def unapply(x: C): Option[(String, Int)] = // something else

Is there a way that I can combine all these objects into a single sequence of tuples?


What you want is to combine multiple option/option seqs into a single one.
A quick way to do this using just default implicits is to use a foldLeft, so
a to b | c to d | e to f
is converted to a to (b, c) to (d, e) to (f,).
There are more ways to do this.
One way to do this using macro-patterns, is to first define a macro that generates code to create a single option/option seq (here a singleton option)
object MacroUtils {
def singletonOption[T](opts: List[Option[T]])(implicit factory: OptionT[T]): OptionT[Option[T]] = {
macro ImplicitMacro.impl[this.type]
val res = factory(opts.head)
opts match {
case Nil => res
case _ => factory(opts.tail) :: res

Then you can create a macro, which applies the macro to a number of objects, and finally generates a macro which applies this new macro to the sequences generated by the individual macros:
object MacroUtils {
def collect[T](xs: TraversableOnce[T])(implicit factory: OptionT[T]) = xs.foldLeft(Option[T]())((t, v) => t orElse factory(v))
def macro[T, U](implicit factory: OptionT[T])(xs: Travers