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The present invention relates to a taper-contoured dentition restoration. More specifically, this invention relates to a composition of matter for use in a taper-contoured dentition restoration.
2. Background of the Invention
Several patents disclose the use of a dental impression material with a cavity filling material. It is an object of the present invention to provide for the combined use of a plastic impression material and an opaque filling material which are capable of forming a cavity filling material that is not only opaque, but more importantly, tapers smoothly in contour in order to fit into a tooth cavity.
U.S. Pat. No. 4,348,381 to Silverman discloses a method and apparatus for forming a dental cavity in a tooth using a composite resin molding. That patent, however, discloses a dentistry method which is very different in form from that of the present invention. That patent requires the use of a dental impression material, which remains in the tooth after the cavity is filled, in order to form the cavity. This is not possible for all dental procedures. For example, for a tooth that has been decayed to the enamel, there would be no room for a mold, since the decayed tooth portion would have to be removed. Furthermore, the method disclosed in that patent is not suitable for taking pre-existing or partial impressions of natural teeth.
U.S. Pat. No. 4,440,407 to Hill et al. discloses a method of making a dental restoration and a dental restoration. The method and dental restoration of the present invention differ from those of Hill et al. in several ways. First, Hill et al. disclose the use of a plastic impression mold material which is open in the area that is to be filled. In contrast, the present invention uses a composition which is flowable at the temperature of the mouth. Furthermore, no backfill is used.

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