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What is the meaning of these three dots in a code

I’m not asking why are there three dots, I know why they are there, I’m just unsure of the meanings of them.
Trying to clean up old and ugly code with version control, for example,
const friend = {
name : ‘friend’,
get : function(id) {
return this.friends[id];
set : function(id,friend) {
this.friends[id] = friend;

what is the meaning of this.friends[id]?


This comes from the object literal syntax:
var foo = {
myProperty: ‘value’

The opening { is used to declare an object. The next two lines, however, are normally not allowed inside the initializer.
It is possible to assign a plain old object without initializing it:
var obj = {};

Which sets obj to be an empty object.


How to choose among multiple grand mal seizure medications?

I’m a new mom, so it’s pretty clear that I have health problems.
My first child had an early onset seizure disorder that got worse over the years. She ended up having two grand mal seizures in two months, after years of few seizures.
I’ve been looking into different seizure medications to see which work best, and I’ve found, of course, that there are side effects.
I’ve noticed that there are different classes of seizure medications. Some of them are anticonvulsant, like Dilantin. Some others are antiseizure, like Keppra. Then there are other that work for different reasons.
It seems a bit complicated. What is the difference between an antiseizure medication and an anticonvulsant one? How can I pick the best one for

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