SAiLicKey 8.6

. ntlm.exe and execute the.reg file from the SAi Flexisign8.6v2 dirctory with windows archiving software.

When I tried this with any other package, for example e.g: I tried the same with path and with installer, and then nothing happens.
I will be glad if you guys help me.


I used to have the same problem with this software. I then went to and downloaded the za-setup.exe file and then installed it manually.
To uninstall FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.6v2:

Uninstall the program using the Add or Remove Programs tool.
Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Windows Components >  FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.6v2. (Click the Uninstall button)
Delete any of the following files: SAi LicKey 8.6.

Delete the  “sailickey.exe” file from the program folder and all the other sub folders.

Delete the Program’s license key.

My second try: I unzipped the za-setup.exe file and then I ran the setup program without opening the za-setup.inf file. It was a problem with the software.
The number of license keys I had generated earlier made the software didn’t work. However, you can use this solution if you have already generated license keys.
I hope this helps!


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If you’d like to buy someone’s license key or registration, this can be done using an application such as .

License Key (Sailickey) 8.6 v2 · • Get free the latest version of the software on the internet.

The registration file has been blocked. The following file is blocked from downloading: 8.6 v2.

Pdf file? Do you want to do a dry run of the batchfile? No. There are two errors in the processing of the key.

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