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Recently Google introduced a new search feature in the local search that basically delivers the search result even if the user has set it to local by default. In that case the search result will be displayed in the location where the user has his mobile phone.

Now I asked myself how different in terms of security this may be from the current situation with local search engines, such as or Yahoo?

As a starting point I used a web crawler that I use in order to get data about web pages, spiders that I use are the free version of Crawlera, which is a platform where you can host free web crawlers. I simply set up a web crawler on this platform ( and after that, the mobile application showed the data from the already found web pages in a nice looking list. I had to change this application by using my own API from the official API version of, but as a result I got a nice list of all the web pages in the current area, where the user is located.

Now here is the interesting bit for me: when I was pointing the mobile application to the filter through the API and the application showed the list of web pages in the location where the user is located, this is exactly where my web crawler was waiting. It took some time (around 12 hours) until all the web pages were indexed, but in the end the list of the web pages was available for me in terms of the data of Yandex. With this data, it was not only possible to find out which web pages are indexed, but also how many times they have been found, when they were found etc.

A web crawler may have been more efficient in that case as it knew that it was not searching in an area where it was not expected to be found, but the application was able to show the relevant data, whereas it took additional time from the data that was found. When I used my private version of the API, I had to wait a bit more because the information needs to be shown in Yandex’s search results, but

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On Wednesday, a dozen friends and family members, including three relatives from outside the immediate family of the late Bob Huttleston Jr., led the bier and funeral procession of their loved one through the streets of Pinal, Arizona, where he was born and raised.

The hour-long route passed through the town’s main square, up Main Street and back down Copper Avenue, which runs parallel to Arizona Highway 87. On the way, Huttleston’s procession passed the local high school, where he had graduated in 1998.

“This is the place where I spent most of my childhood,” said his sister, Amie Huttleston Butts. “This is the place where I graduated from high school, and where he met my mom.”

On Friday, a mausoleum marked the site where Huttleston died at age 75 following a four-year fight with pneumonia.

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“Bob and I worked together,” Babeu said. “He was a great man, and a great volunteer. Bob had a heart that is way too big for his body. He loved life and did it fiercely.”

The procession began at the Protestant Church of the Open Door in Cave Creek, and ended at the Southern Arizona Services Center in Carefree. It was led by a single