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How do I use a SimpleDateFormat to format a Date?

I want to format a date as dd/mm/yyyy. For some reason it is working in some places and not in others. Here is my code:
String display_date = null;

Calendar start_date = Calendar.getInstance();


String month_name = cal_display.get(Calendar.MONTH) + “-” + cal_display.get(Calendar.DATE) + “-” + cal_display.get(Calendar.YEAR);
SimpleDateFormat sdf_date = new SimpleDateFormat(“dd/MM/yyyy”);
display_date = sdf_date.format(start_date.getTime());


I have set a break point on display_date and it prints the date for display_date but when I look at calendar_start and use set to set the date to the first day in November, it shows 12/11/2011 instead of the 07/11/2011 I want it to. Can someone please help me understand where I am going wrong?


Your problem is that months in the Gregorian calendar are named January, February, etc, not January, February, etc. You have this right: “cal_display.get(Calendar.MONTH)”
Fix that, and it will work for you.

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