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Kora Kagaz 1974 Movie Download

Respected Subscriber! Please go to the home page and find my latest movie Kora Kagaz movie links with mp3 .It is a popular and interesting game, but there is a part of the gameplay I do not understand.
In particular, during the turn of some player, someone can play a card or in some other way cause the disc to pop up and he is informed of the fact that he won.
However, as he is already informed, who is the winner?

2 Answers

Once you know you have won, you announce you have won.

This is actually a standard way of winning at flash, as it allows you to choose your next move. I don’t know if it is enforced in your rules, but in mine it is – you have a specific time to make your move, after which point the next player has to make their move.

If I’m remembering right, the reason you do it at the end of the turn is because you can’t announce you are winning when people are selecting cards. It would be much more fair to give that information to people when they select their cards, and if they know you are already a winner (and since you have just won you can just say it) they can select their cards as usual.

He can’t win; it was still your turn when he heard the dial spin. The normal rule is that you can’t announce your winning before the next player has completed their turn, as it might affect people’s decisions.

The Dark ElfFeb 21 ’12 at 3:46


@TheDarkElf I was also thinking that the rule is about making your move before the next player selects a card, but again, since I didn’t know what was the rule I was using and having already won, I was in fact just announcing that I won. You are right, but it was a bit far fetched, so I removed it.

AntonioFeb 21 ’12 at 5:36

BTW, in chess you are awarded the checkmate if you were winning when the king was taken.

P.J. BernsteinFeb 21 ’12 at 16:36

I think the safest procedure is to announce that you have won as soon as you know you have won. There’s no point announcing it before that, because other players might have interpreted winning before as a sign of weakness (rethinking your strategy, thinking

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