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Rajkot district is one of the 32 districts of the Indian state of Gujarat. The district is headed by a Deputy Commissioner (DC) who acts as the political head of the district.

Rajkot district is spread over an area of, occupying the north-western part of Saurashtra peninsula. It is bounded by Surendranagar district to the north, Diu and Daman and Diu district to the east, Junagadh to the west and Amreli district to the south. It is situated between 24°08′ and 27°10′ north latitudes and 69°24′ and 70°56′ east longitudes. It borders the Indian states of Maharashtra to the north, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh to the east, Sindhudurg district to the south and Dang district to the west.

The total geographical area of the district is. The city of Rajkot is the administrative headquarters of the district.

Rajkot district has an area of and a total population of 15,41,937, according to the 2011 census. It is bounded by Daman and Diu to the east, and has a coastline in the Arabian Sea.

The main river of the district is Narmada River. Other rivers include Kamla River, Kunvera River, Dharawad River, Gandhari River, Aji River, Malaria River and Keel River.

The Mahi River drains a delta region between the district and the Arabian Sea. This river too is the source of water for the land reclaimed for the Musi River in the city of Rajkot.


The climate of this district varies from tropical to temperate climate.

There is a predominant east-west pattern of wind direction and wind velocity in the district. The average wind velocity is. The maximum wind speed is and the minimum wind speed is. The average rainfall during the year is and the maximum rainfall is. Most of the rain is received in the months of August, September and October. The average relative humidity of the district is 72

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