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How does adding partial off-chain data affect the security of the blockchain?

I have seen many proofs-of-concept (PoCs) of off-chain transactions. These concept look promising (almost) in all aspects. However, I am confused about the security issues for the following reasons:

If there are multiple parties involved in the PoC, you need a bilateral two-party trustless consensus mechanism like the Kademlia or PBFT for Merkle Trees to be able to achieve this.
How is the security of the blockchain affected when off-chain data is added to it? Does it mean the system needs to be re-engineered and possibly re-implemented?

I have read the Blockchain Security post, but I am not fully convinced because the author says

That should be sufficient for secure decentralized applications to be built on top of the blockchain.

and also

If a bank fails to comply with its network’s regulatory requirements, it may be closed by other nodes that follow the same regulatory requirements.

Are these statements correct? Where can I find more details about this problem?


For one, in Bitcoin there’s an inherent single-point of failure. Even if you have a counterparty who is honest, you still have to trust that they’re keeping the coins they mine with you. (That means you have to trust them to not steal them or merge them with their own.) With off-chain transactions, if one of them doesn’t work the way you think it should, then the whole network goes down. Off-chain counterparty agreements allow you to mitigate that risk, but you still have to trust both parties to do the right thing.
You can find more details on this post, which gives a more formal definition of malicious behavior. It’s worth reading.