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UcNazareth (Mount Saint Mary’s College)

Now, in a little town called Covington (Cincinnati), there was a carpenter named Nazareth. Nazareth was born a carpenter, and he was given a lot of money by the King of France, and he returned to France with the money to build a house. When Nazareth returned to France, he went to buy himself a wife, a man who had three daughters and one son.

After he got home, Nazareth asked his wife to get up from the table and to go get his needles and thread. This is where the story begins:

His wife went to get the needles, and while she was out Nazareth went over to the window and looked out. He saw some women at the edge of town, and he asked his wife, “Go over and see what those women are doing.”

His wife said, “What are you doing?”

He replied, “I’m looking for needles and thread for you.”

She said, “I’m looking for needles and thread for myself.”

He said, “Why are you looking for your own needles and thread?”

She said, “Well, if you want them for your wife, they’re over there, and if you want them for yourself, they’re over there.”

“Ah”, he said

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Description. HindiBook. Listen. Some or all of the contents of this book appear in a Harper Collins Audio Documentary. Download Free Book E-Books in Hindi and Get Free Online Hindi Books. This is the Hindi audio book of the main book of Dadashri: Who am I? in English. Listen free for downloads.
Description. Free Hindi EBook Download. Description. Book Notes. From the author of Dadashri: The First World Teacher, is the free Hindi audiobook of the main book in its entirety.
Sometimes We Make . Good Idea Audio: Popular Hindi Audiobooks. Synopsis. The First World Teacher (Dadashri: Navadacharya) is a book by Ramdas, a disciple of Sri Chinmayanandaji and founder of the Kriya Yoga school of Dada..
The First World Teacher (Dadashri: Navadacharya) – A Book of Free Audio/Video Downloads of D