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Multi-threaded processing in a GUI app

I want to develop an app for the iPhone which contains a single view with a few different options and 3 buttons on the bottom of the view.
I want to give each button to click a different thread so that the app processing may be separated and independent of the user’s actions. For example, one button may need to calculate something while the other may need to create a complex object.
If I use GCD dispatch_async() to create threads I need to move a few pieces of code in my AppDelegate. The app delegate is already full of things that have to happen before the app is run and I want to avoid adding more code there.
Any suggestions about how to achieve this?
EDIT : I’m probably not clear enough, I’m asking this because I’m quite concerned about the effects of running something in a background thread on the user’s experience.


I assume that you already have a UIDatePicker object in your application delegate, this is very handy to obtain the current time and date, you should check out the UIApplication Class Reference, there are several useful methods to get the application’s current state (such as applicationWillResignActive:).
When the user selects a time and date

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Etiological factors of acute hepatitis E.
Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a major public health problem in developing countries. Due to its serological cross-reactivity with antibodies against HEV, some HEV-related diseases have been misdiagnosed as other known infectious diseases. However, this close relationship between HEV and HEV-related diseases has not been reported in developed countries. Our aim was to clarify the etiological factors of HEV-related diseases in the Western world. Serum samples collected from 246 patients with acute HEV-related diseases who visited our hospital during 2008-2009 were serologically examined for anti-HEV IgM and IgG. In addition, samples from 50 healthy individuals, 35 patients with fulminant hepatic failure, 41 patients with acute liver disease of unknown etiology, 61 patients with acute liver failure of known etiology, and 27 patients with unknown diseases were also serologically examined. HEV RNA was detected in three patients with fulminant hepatic failure. HEV was detected in 10 (3.4%) of the patients with acute hepatitis E. In addition, 21 (77.8%) of 27 patients with unknown disease had elevated levels of alanine aminotransferase, and 9 (33.3%) of 27 patients with unknown disease had positive anti-HEV IgM. HEV genotypes 1 and 2 were detected in 6 (66.7%) of 9 patients with known disease. However, the serologic and molecular characteristics of HEV in each case of HEV-related disease were different. These results suggest that acute hepatitis E is not rare in developed countries. The absence of routine HEV testing for the patients with acute hepatitis E is the main reason for misdiagnosis.Q:

Maven way to list all subdirectory components and their dependencies

I have a Maven project composed of two subprojects, and I want to list out every dependency (including transitive dependencies) for each subproject.
For example, if I have the following parent and child pom.xml:

What would the expected output be?


Maven can’t really list out a sub project’s dependencies when the sub project is not its own parent.