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84 B.R. 716 (1988)
In re ADCO PARTNERS, INC., Debtor.
Bankruptcy No. 87-2046-8P1.
United States Bankruptcy Court, M.D. Florida, Tampa Division.
March 1, 1988.
Joseph Goldberg, Tampa, Fla., for debtors.
Sharon Turner, Tampa, Fla., for movant.

This Chapter 11 case came on for a hearing of the Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the Imperial Air Carrier Corporation, (Imperial). Imperial’s motion is based on an administrative claim filed by Imperial which, in essence, seeks a determination that the sum of $13,800.00 which it has paid to the Debtor to reimburse its employee for mileage expense, should be treated as a priority expense.
The facts in this case, which are basically without dispute, are as follows: On August 30, 1987, the Debtor filed a Voluntary Petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Subsequently, on February 11, 1988, the Debtor filed its Disclosure Statement which was confirmed on March 3, 1988. In addition, the Debtor filed a plan of reorganization. On March 2, 1988, the Debtor filed an objection to Imperial’s claim, asserting that it was an unsecured claim. In order to further clarify the position, the Debtor requested that the Court determine that the travel expenses it had paid to Imperial for the employee’s benefit, must be treated as a priority expense. Thus, the position of the Debtor is that the claim of Imperial must be treated as an unsecured claim.
*717 The record in this case reveals that Imperial was originally a paying subcontractor to the Debtor and as such, it received a copy of the contract between the Debtor and its general contractor. The